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"My wife and I are basically retired but we still have a small business that we run out of our home. Bill helped us buy a computer and also instructed us on how to do certain things on the computer. He is very careful to make sure we understand what we're doing and he explains what he's doing also.

"We have an arrangement with Bill where he can do things for us remotely - he can tap into our computers to fix things and we certainly trust him with that. The work is always fast and I've never once had a complaint.

"Bill also helped us buy a television which he then wired up with a stereo component. That's something my wife and I enjoy in our leisure time and there again, Bill helped us with his advice and his instruction. Bill is a sharp guy with a pretty impressive background - but he's also become a friend."



"I was really impressed with how Bill handled my computer repairs and I mentioned to him that I wanted a home theatre. He came to my home and gave me a great consultation. He drew up a plan and recommended all the right components for my system. I had different ideas about what I wanted and Bill was very good about explaining what would work, what wouldn't work and why. He didn't shrug off my ideas or talk down to me at all. He just knew what components would be best, and my wife and I have been very happy with all his recommendations.

"Bill integrated all our components into one remote, which means we don't have ten remote controls lying around anymore. He also fixed us up with a carpenter who custom framed the setup to really fit with the look and feel of the room. We have a THX certified home theatre and it's as comfortable and exciting as going to the movies - it includes a software that puts a microphone in each chair, and now we practically duck when we hear the planes coming!"



"Bill did a couple things for me that were really unique. I was about to enter an MBA program and I needed a computer. Instead of buying one off the shelf, I had him build one and load it with specific software, so I got exactly what I needed and left out all the programs I knew I didn't want or need. So far, it has worked out really well.

"The other thing Bill did for me (which my whole family loves!) is put a sound system in our home.  It's kind of like home theatre on steroids. We put speakers in every room of the house - including in the bathroom and out on the deck - so that we can have music playing whenever we want and wherever we want. The really great thing is that there are six items hooked into the system: both XM and Sirius satellite systems, a CD system, an AM and FM radio system and a cassette tape system. I can be in one room listening to a CD while someone else is in another room listening to the radio.

"Everyone in my family likes music and there's not a day that goes by that we don't have the system on. When I get up and shave and shower, I turn the system on in the bathroom and hear the weather and the news - there's literally not a day in the year that we don't listen to it for hours.  I've never seen anything like the system we have, and we're really happy with the work Bill has done for us.

"Bill has a way of making things understandable for those of us who aren't technical types. In both cases - with the computer and the sound system - Bill did a good job of understanding what I wanted and making it happen. I just gave Bill the specs, and he did the rest."

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