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Home Theaters

Big Screen Movie Experience

Imagine the best movie theater you ever attended-the picture, the sound, the experience. You can have an even better experience in your own home. Prices have dropped dramatically and now you can afford it at home.

Incredible Sound/ Incredible Picture

Technology has dramatically improved, but everything needs to be hooked up properly to get maximum performance. Over half the installations we see done by the "big box" installers use out-of-date technology and therefore sacrifice the quality that you pay for.

Surround Sound

Flat-screen TV's are all the rage-the incredible picture quality. Unfortunately, the sound from these flat TV's is terrible. Let us design a surround sound system that will blow you away with sound quality too.

One-Remote Solution

Are you tired of having seven remotes and having to click on many of them just to watch your favorite TV show or movie? We can help! One button bliss to turn on all of your components, set them to the right inputs and formats and then you are on your way!

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