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Smart Homes

Door locks

Smart locks allow you to have different codes for different people and give them time windows to enter your home, such as cleaning person at 10:00 am on Tuesdays. Some will even allow you to lock and unlock remotely.


Alexa gives you easy control of your home using your voice. You can turn on music, change lighting, etc. 


Music makes our lives better. You can stream music anywhere in your home with quality that meets your budget.

Sprinkler Systems

Easy scheduling of zones and watering times with ability to know odd and even days, so you water when you should.

Driveway Detectors

Get notified when a vehicle pulls into your driveway, even turn on your lights when it's dark.

Doorbell Cameras

Record people coming to your door, friends, delivery service, or burglars checking out your home.


Simple control of your lighting, setting moods and scenes such as "watch TV" or "goodnight" to automatically set lights to the level that you would like.

Heating/Air Conditioning

Save up to 30% on your heating and cooling bill by making your thermostat smarter.

Water Leaks

Nothing worse than being on vacation and coming home to a water-soaked home. Automatically turn of water supplies when you go on vacation to potentially save thousands of dollars in insurance damage.

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