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About Us

Products for home entertainment systems are constantly improving.  We believe in installing the highest quality equipment at the best value to meet the client’s needs.  Each client has a unique problem to solve.  We will take the client’s desired level of technology into account when we analyze the problem and recommend equipment.

We believe in innovative technology when appropriate to the situation. We will always incorporate the client's desires into the final solution, whether it be the latst innovation or a tried and true component.

When it comes to home theater and home entertainment, service providers often fall prey to an "extreme design" mentality that focuses more on the system than the customer using it.  At the end of the day, your home theater system is as enjoyable as it is useable - if your home theater system doesn't work with you and for you, then it might as well not work at all.

Big box retailers provide a variety of products to shoppers, but their very layout prevents them from really catering to the specific needs of their customers.  Digital Chateau offers its clients a range of competitively priced systems and system components, as well as a customized approach that utilizes knowledgeable service based on the expertise of our staff.

Our design capabilities are always changing, but our design-build and service philosophy consistently emphasizes three core points:



  1. We design personalized home theater systems for personalized homes

  2. We deliver the necessary balance between aesthetics and user-friendliness

  3. We integrate what we install, so that your system components mesh seamlessly together


  1. We offer competitive pricing, "big box" variety, and small business integrity

  2. We place the needs of customers high above the novelty of systems

  3. We see every project to completion on time, on target, and on budget



  1. We select systems components based on your lifestyle and budget

  2. We provide expert consultation throughout the design-build and integration process

  3. We remain on task by extending personalized technical support to every client


We take customer satisfaction personally. Simply, if you are happy then so are we.

Contact us today.

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