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We can upgrade your business or home to the latest Mesh WiFi system, this gives incredible reliability, speed, and automatic transfer from one WFii transfer to the next.


Make your computer run as fast as the day you got it..maybe even faster!


Don't lose your precious photos and business data. We can help backup all of your important documents on-site and off-site.

Virus Protection and Removal

  • Protect your computer from nasty and costly intruders.

  • If you do get infected, we can remove the virus and plug the holes to keep future viruses out.


We can help set up your computers, phones, and tablets to share email accounts for easy and productive access.


Do you need to set up your printer or scanner and frustrated by how hard it is? We can set up your printer so you can even print from your phone or tablet.

Disk Upgrades

Are you running out of space? Or is your computer acting sluggish? We can upgrade your disk storage to ultra-fast Solid State Drive (SSD) for dramatic improvements, even for older computers.


Faxes are not dead (yet). We can help set up a fax machine for your important and legal documents.

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